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Active issues
2017-11-20Is there a need for the govenrment to raise taxes?7
2017-11-19When do you expect the government to increase GST?16
2017-11-19What is the difference in prices between Fairprice and Cold Storage supermarkets?16
2017-11-18Is Singapore maintaining a high standard of integrity and non-corruptability?37
2017-11-17What is the best way to fix the problems with the NS and EW lines?39
2017-11-17Should Khaw BW continue as minister of transport?49
2017-11-16Should SMRT revert back to the old signal system?45
2017-11-16What is your view about the train accident in Joo Koon MRT station?48
2017-11-15If Sylvia Lim is elected as leader of the Workers Party, will she change the past policies and strategies?43
2017-11-15What is the top priority for PM Lee to address in 2018?48
2017-11-15PM Lee wants to play a more active role as chair of ASEAN in 201848
2017-11-14Should the bus operators recruit only locals to be bus drivers?50
2017-11-13PM Lee said that ASEAN should stay united on issues of concern. What are your views?48
2017-11-13Should SMRT re-employ the maintenance staff that it retrenched earlier?45
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