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Active issues
2018-08-14What is a reasonable annual basic salary for the new CEO of SMRT?7
2018-08-14Is it a good strategy for PAP to field Li Hongyi for the next general election?10
2018-08-14Will it help if Tan Cheng Bock's coalition can recruit a few former PAP MPs?9
2018-08-14Will Lee Hsien Yang make an impact if he joins Tan Cheng Bock's coalition?9
2018-08-13Should the government set caps on legal fees?10
2018-08-13Will you use PayNow to pay your bills to businesses?9
2018-08-12Who do you prefer as your MP in Parliament?22
2018-08-12What economic system do you prefer?21
2018-08-12Will you support PAP or Opposition?25
2018-08-11Should the government give a pension to people above 75 years old?28
2018-08-11What is your view of Goh CT after his "mediocre" statement?32
2018-08-11Why did Goh CT say that people who earn less than $500,000 are mediocre?31
2018-08-10What is your impression of National Day Parade 201848
2018-08-10Is it worthwhile to spend $40 million to organize a National Day Parade?48
2018-08-10What is the most harmful decision made by PM Lee HL?48
2018-08-09How is Singapore going downhill?47
2018-08-09Will abolishing GST help to reduce the cost of living?49
2018-08-09Should Singaporeans display the national flag to mark National Day45
2018-08-08Should the government provide public services?53
2018-08-08Should Mindef keeps its current regulations on National Service deferment?50
2018-08-08Which parties will you vote for at the next general election56
2018-08-08Which parties are likely to form the coalition government54
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