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Active issues
2018-06-17What are your views on CPF?10
2018-06-17What do you think about HDB?9
2018-06-16Are you optimistic of the outcome of the Trump Kim Summit?15
2018-06-16 Shoul MPs be people who are well educated and successful in their career?17
2018-06-14What makes you optimistic about Singapore21
2018-06-14What makes you pessimistic about Singapore?23
2018-06-14Was it worth for Singapore to spend $20 million on the Trump Kim Summit?22
2018-06-13Why did Dr. Mahathir wish to review the SGX Bursa link?22
2018-06-13Should employee CPF contribution be voluntary?25
2018-06-12Are we paying the right price for infrastructure projects?29
2018-06-12What is the best way to encourage families to raise children29
2018-06-11Should Singapore spend $20 million to host the Trump Kim Summit?35
2018-06-11How can we attract and retain teachers?33
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