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Active issues
2018-01-18Do you expect Dr Lee Boon Yang to step down as chairman of Keppel Corp in 2018?9
2018-01-18Will UberFlash (tie up between Uber and Comfort Taxis) be successful?11
2018-01-18Is the Edusave Award scheme good for students?8
2018-01-18Should civil servants be required to have a cooling off period before entering politics.12
2018-01-18Should the RSAF have a celebration for their 50th anniversary?5
2018-01-14Which political party will you vote for at the next general election?20
2018-01-14If there is a bad economy in 2020, will PAP get more votes or less votes?20
2018-01-14Will GST be raised in budget 2018?23
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