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Active issues
2018-04-26Is the GRC system good for Singapore?5
2018-04-26Should public sector jobs be reserved for locals only?6
2018-04-25Who will win the general election in Malaysia?6
2018-04-25What is your impression of the change in the cabinet announced on 24 April 18?10
2018-04-24Is it useful to have an app that allows people to post feedback to large organizations?16
2018-04-24Is it a good idea for the government to send their ministers to run the NTUC?15
2018-04-23Are you impressed with the Jewel in Changi Airport that is opening in 2019?23
2018-04-23Is there an increase in serious traffic accidents in recent months?25
2018-04-22Guess the place where Donald Trump will meet Kim Jong Un27
2018-04-22Should e-scooters be banned?30
2018-04-21What are your views about the GRC system?34
2018-04-20Should GST be abolished?38
2018-04-19Are most Singaporeans self centered and selfish by nature?49
2018-04-19Should the government allow CPF to be used for leases of at least 30 years?48
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