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Issues that have closed recently

View 14 Aug 2018What are your views about the roaming charge of $10 per 1 MB by telcos?68
View 14 Aug 2018Do you use the mobile app provided by your telco?59
View 14 Aug 2018Why are most governments unable to deal with income inequality?56
View 12 Aug 2018Should Singapore have a policy to encourage immigration?70
View 12 Aug 2018What is your preferred population for Singapore in 2023?63
View 11 Aug 2018Should we appoint top scholars to senior positions in government?54
View 11 Aug 2018Should MPs be well educated professionals and business leaders?53
View 10 Aug 2018Is Singapore largely free of corruption?49
View 10 Aug 2018What is a good strategy to ensure that locals have jobs?45
View 09 Aug 2018Why is the government spending too much on infrastructure?49
View 09 Aug 2018Should the open tender system be used all the time?41
View 09 Aug 2018What is the best way to reduce the cost of living?46
View 07 Aug 2018What is the best outcome for the next general election?45
View 07 Aug 2018Will the coalition of political parties led by Dr. Tan Cheng Bock do well?43
View 07 Aug 2018What should voters look for at the next general election?38
View 07 Aug 2018Should Singapore abolish GST?42
View 04 Aug 2018Do you agree with the decision of SingHealth to remove the connection to the Internet?53
View 04 Aug 2018is trade tariff bad?45
View 04 Aug 2018Should Singapore introduce a minimum wage law?57
View 04 Aug 2018Which policy option do you prefer?56
View 03 Aug 2018Should the merger between Grab and Uber be allowed?71
View 03 Aug 2018Should the Singapore Medical Association be allowed to set guideline for charges by doctor73
View 03 Aug 2018Is the Competition Commission doing good work in Singapore?68
View 02 Aug 2018How can the Singapore Exchange increase its trading volume?70
View 02 Aug 2018What is the cause of the low trading volume in Singapore?65
View 02 Aug 2018What are your views about the Privacy and Data Protection Act (PDPA)?72
View 02 Aug 2018What is the reason for the low trading volume in the Singapore Exchange?56
View 01 Aug 2018Should the bus operator act to reduce bunching of buses77
View 01 Aug 2018Is it acceptable for a public transport journey to take up to four segments?81
View 01 Aug 2018Should the Singapore Exchange raise its qualifying criteria for a company to be listed?76
View 31 Jul 2018Should Singapore allow immigration?106
View 31 Jul 2018Is climate change a serious issue for the world?88
View 30 Jul 2018What are your views about the current NS reservist duty?103
View 29 Jul 2018Are you worried about the information stolen from SingHealth database?109
View 29 Jul 2018Are you prepared to have a non-PAP government within 10 years?107
View 28 Jul 2018What change is required for our National Service strategy?99
View 26 Jul 2018Are you concerned with the findings of the Auditor General on lapses in government agencie42
View 26 Jul 2018Do you expect President Trump to be re-elected in 2020?41
View 25 Jul 2018How do you describe the current PAP leaders52
View 25 Jul 2018How do you describe Mindef's decision to deny NS deferment for Ben Davis?45
View 25 Jul 2018Do you agree with SMRT's decision to retain the service of its COO Alvin Kek?48
View 23 Jul 2018What is a good way for the government to hear feedback from the people?39
View 23 Jul 2018Is the government serious about listening to feedback from the people?48
View 23 Jul 2018Is it a good idea to build the Jewel at Changi Airport.36
View 22 Jul 2018When will the general election be held in Singapore?55
View 22 Jul 2018Will Singapore agree with a revised High Speed Rail built at half of the original cost?44
View 22 Jul 2018Which e-payment platform do you prefer47
View 20 Jul 2018Why does it take a longer time to clear the Singapore side of the checkpoint for travelers42
View 20 Jul 2018Should the class size be reduced?36
View 18 Jul 2018Do you agree with the stand of the Singapore Government on the HSR and water issues raised41
View 18 Jul 2018Which issue makes you most angry with the PAP government?38
View 17 Jul 2018Should PM Lee give more interviews to the media about our domestic affairs?37
View 17 Jul 2018Should Singapore contact Malaysia on the issues they have raised?36
View 16 Jul 2018Should the government provide more flats for rental?44
View 16 Jul 2018What is the best way to prevent property prices from appreciating too fast?43
View 16 Jul 2018What is the best way for the opposition parties to challenge the PAP at the next general e43
View 14 Jul 2018Do you agree with the additional property cooling measures introduced in July 2018?41
View 13 Jul 2018What change of regulation is needed to make bike sharing viable?48
View 13 Jul 2018How can the public sector be more mindful of the perspective of the public?43
View 12 Jul 2018What will happen to the property market in 2023?49
View 12 Jul 2018Who will win the trade war between China and America?47
View 11 Jul 2018Should the public sector outsource some of the work to private contractors?52
View 11 Jul 2018What is the best way to control health care cost?55
View 11 Jul 2018How can shared bike operations be made financially viable?51
View 10 Jul 2018Which is the best economic strategy49
View 10 Jul 2018What is a good way to help parents cope with the cost of child care?50
View 09 Jul 2018How much should a MP pay a year for parking in Parliament House and HDB estates?47
View 09 Jul 2018Who is responsible for the deteriorating relations between Singapore and Malaysia47
View 08 Jul 2018Why does the government want citizens to keep a minimum sum for CPF Life?51
View 08 Jul 2018Why is there a strong demand for private property now?50
View 08 Jul 2018Which country will win the World Cup 2018?48
View 07 Jul 2018Should our leaders adopt a more flexible approach towards Malaysia?49
View 07 Jul 2018Should Singapore agree to pay a higher price for our water from Malaysia?45
View 02 Jul 2018How should salaries be determined?36
View 02 Jul 2018Should trade unions go on strike to get better wages and working conditions for workers?32
View 01 Jul 2018What is the biggest worry for Singaporeans?39
View 01 Jul 2018How can we improve relations with Malaysia?39
View 30 Jun 2018What will happen to Najib, former PM of Malaysia?31
View 30 Jun 2018Who will win World Cup 2018?43
View 29 Jun 2018Should we pay high salaries to ministers?34
View 29 Jun 2018Will you vote for non-PAP at the next general election.32
View 28 Jun 2018Is it good to have lower property prices in Singapore?32
View 28 Jun 2018Should our elderly sick be sent to nursing homes in Johore Bahru?33
View 27 Jun 2018What monthly salary will be sufficient to attract local to be a nurse?40
View 27 Jun 2018What monthly salary will be sufficient to attract a local to be a bus driver35
View 26 Jun 2018Should the public put up alternative policy options for the Government to consider?39
View 26 Jun 2018Should CPF members be allowed to withdraw all their savings at age 65?40
View 25 Jun 2018What do you think about HDB?46
View 25 Jun 2018What are your views on CPF?43
View 24 Jun 2018 Shoul MPs be people who are well educated and successful in their career?52
View 24 Jun 2018Are you optimistic of the outcome of the Trump Kim Summit?42
View 22 Jun 2018Was it worth for Singapore to spend $20 million on the Trump Kim Summit?36
View 22 Jun 2018What makes you pessimistic about Singapore?36
View 22 Jun 2018What makes you optimistic about Singapore33
View 21 Jun 2018Should employee CPF contribution be voluntary?35
View 21 Jun 2018Why did Dr. Mahathir wish to review the SGX Bursa link?30
View 20 Jun 2018What is the best way to encourage families to raise children39
View 20 Jun 2018Are we paying the right price for infrastructure projects?38
View 19 Jun 2018How can we attract and retain teachers?41
View 19 Jun 2018Should Singapore spend $20 million to host the Trump Kim Summit?42
View 18 Jun 2018What is the likely outcome of the Trump Kim summit in Singapore?38
View 18 Jun 2018Will Singapore play a major role to achieve a successful outcome for the Kim Trump summit?39
View 17 Jun 2018What is the most important role of education38
View 17 Jun 2018Which is most important for "separation of powers"41
View 16 Jun 2018Should CPF give a statement of account to the beneficiaries of a deceased CPF member?33
View 16 Jun 2018Should we have "top schools"?33
View 15 Jun 2018Should Singapore pay for the cost of the North Korean delegation at the Summit?38
View 15 Jun 2018Who should provide security to look after the head of states at the Summit?29
View 14 Jun 2018Should we pay higher salaries to encourage locals to be nurses?41
View 14 Jun 2018Should we pay higher salaries to encourage locals to be bus drivers?36
View 13 Jun 2018Which is a better way to spend $2 billion a year37
View 13 Jun 2018Should there be a cap on the use of Medisave?37
View 12 Jun 2018Will a monthly allowance of $500 for each child until age 16, attract families to have chi41
View 11 Jun 2018Who will win World Cup 2018?34
View 11 Jun 2018Should we employ more nurses from India for our hospitals?37
View 10 Jun 2018Is the business sector confident about Lee HL's government48
View 10 Jun 2018What are your views about the strong competition in the food delivery business?44
View 09 Jun 2018Where will the Trump Kim summit be held in Singapore?44
View 09 Jun 2018Why did Malaysia withdraw the challenge on the Pedra Blanca ruling?41
View 08 Jun 2018Do you agree with PM Lee's decision to replace three experienced ministers38
View 08 Jun 2018How can the stress be removed from education?35
View 07 Jun 2018Is it acceptable for Grab to charge a fee of 10% for using its GrabHitch platform44
View 07 Jun 2018Should CareShield Life be made compulsory?46
View 06 Jun 2018Was the High Speed Rail (now cancelled by Malaysia) good for Singapore?45
View 06 Jun 2018Should the Rapid Transit System between Singapore and Johor Bahru proceed?48
View 05 Jun 2018Which goal is best for the people of Singapore47
View 05 Jun 2018Which policy change do you like to see with CPF/ HDB?49
View 04 Jun 2018If Malaysia wishes to cancel the High Speed Rail, what should Singapore do?50
View 04 Jun 2018Should Singapore appoint a Council of Elders to advise the ministers?43
View 03 Jun 2018Will the Trump - Kim summit be held in Singapore on 12 June 2018?53
View 03 Jun 2018Will Go Jek do well in Singapore?49
View 03 Jun 2018Did the finance minister prepare a good budget for 2018?51
View 02 Jun 2018Should the new finance minister of Malaysia reveal the extent of insolvency of 1MDB?52
View 02 Jun 2018What will happen to Hyflux?50
View 31 May 2018Did social media made an impact in reaching out to the rural Malays in Malaysia's GE14?48
View 30 May 2018Who should decide on key appointments into the civil service?57
View 30 May 2018How should the government award large contracts?48
View 29 May 2018Should budget for government departments be based on what is spent last year?53
View 29 May 2018Are we spending too much on national defence?49
View 28 May 2018Why does PM Lee insists on hiking GST to 9% in a few years time?59
View 28 May 2018Which is the most serious problem faced by SME?50
View 28 May 2018Did the meeting between PM Lee and Dr. Mahathir on 19 May went well?55
View 28 May 2018Which issue will have most impact at the next general election?52
View 27 May 2018How can the government help SME?53
View 27 May 2018How can Singapore rebuild relations with the new government in Malaysia?45
View 26 May 2018What is the best way to prepare the government budget?47
View 26 May 2018Should HDB leases be renewed on expiry?46
View 25 May 2018Should ragging be banned?44
View 23 May 2018What cause the death of the SCDF NS man who drowned in the pump well?40
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