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Issues that have closed recently

View 18 Aug 2017Why does the experts plan a curved bridge for the RTS between Singapore and Johor Bahru?48
View 18 Aug 2017Is it proper for the Johor Sultan to object to the design of the bridge?46
View 17 Aug 2017Will the construction of the Kra Canal pose a big threat to Singapore's economy43
View 17 Aug 2017Should new citizens and permanent residents be required to serve National Service?43
View 15 Aug 2017Will there be a contest for the Presidential Election?49
View 15 Aug 2017Should a by-election be called for Marsiling Yew Tee GRC after Halimah Yacob steps down?46
View 14 Aug 2017Will Li Shengwu be convicted of contempt of court?51
View 14 Aug 2017Why don't the two governments introduce joint clearance at the causeway and 2nd link?44
View 13 Aug 2017Professor Huang Jing is expelled for being an agent of influence for a foreign country. Wh51
View 13 Aug 2017How should Li Shengwu respond to the action taken by the Attorney General on contempt of c47
View 11 Aug 2017Is Lee HL practicising double standard when he did not sue his siblings for defaming him?53
View 11 Aug 2017Will US sanctions against Russia lead to a trade war or serious conflict?47
View 11 Aug 2017Should taxis be allowed to deliver goods for ecommerce companies?50
View 10 Aug 2017What will happen to President Donald Trump?54
View 10 Aug 2017What will America do about North Korea?47
View 10 Aug 2017What outcome do you prefer for the Court of Appeal judgment on City Harvest Church case?53
View 09 Aug 2017Why does the government take so long to reduce the jam at the causeway?57
View 09 Aug 2017Will a joint immigration clearance help to reduce the jam at the causeway and second link57
View 07 Aug 2017Will you accept Halimah Yacob as a candidate for the reserved Presidential Election?71
View 07 Aug 2017Transport Minister asked the journalists to fix the MRT breakdown, if they are so smart.75
View 05 Aug 2017Do you accept the 2020 target on rail reliability set by the transport minister?76
View 05 Aug 2017What are your views about the haze caused by forest fires in Indonesia?68
View 05 Aug 2017Do you like the Privacy and Data Protection Act (PDPA)?63
View 04 Aug 2017Is the proper for the independent panel to sue the Aljunied MPs to recover the improper pa72
View 04 Aug 2017Is it proper for an independent panel to be appointed to look into the lapses in Aljunied 71
View 02 Aug 2017Why do employers prefer foreigners when Singaporeans are willing to do the job?69
View 02 Aug 2017Why does the government waive the levy for employment pass holders?66
View 31 Jul 2017Where is the best place to leave a shared bike, e.g. Ofobike?66
View 31 Jul 2017Should the government provide regulations on shared bikes?59
View 30 Jul 2017Do we have to pay high salaries to attract talented people into politics?62
View 30 Jul 2017What do you think about the collapse of the PIE viaduct?58
View 28 Jul 2017Who will you vote in the President Election - Halimah or Abdullah?64
View 27 Jul 2017What cause the high divorce rate in Singapore63
View 27 Jul 2017Which is your favorate TV channel60
View 27 Jul 2017Will the dispute between India and China over the Himilayan terrirtory lead to armed confl60
View 25 Jul 2017What will you do if the elected President is a walkover?64
View 25 Jul 2017Is it proper for Halimah Yacob to be accepted as a candidate for Presidential Election70
View 24 Jul 2017Should a person be charged for describing our court as being "pliant".69
View 24 Jul 2017Is the law applied fairly in Singapore?69
View 22 Jul 2017Should there be a minimum age for private hired car drivers?59
View 22 Jul 2017Is it risky to book a Uber car?55
View 21 Jul 2017Do you accept that HDB flats will have no value at the end of the 99 year lease?71
View 21 Jul 2017Was PM Lee's attendance at the G20 meeting good for Singapore?65
View 18 Jul 2017Who has LKY's skills in diplomacy, pragmatism, prudence, astuteness, mental faculty and st64
View 18 Jul 2017Can we promote neighborliness through a WhatsApp group55
View 18 Jul 2017Did the government handled the closure of Sungei Road Market well?56
View 17 Jul 2017Should the Deputy Attorney General be censured for his remarks about Dr. Tan Cheng Bock?63
View 17 Jul 2017Should the organizer continue with the talks in Hong Lim Park regarding Oxley Road59
View 16 Jul 2017What are your views about the personal attack by the Deputy Attorney General on Dr. Tan Ch81
View 16 Jul 2017What are your views on the court's decision to reject Dr. Tan Cheng Bock's challenge? 80
View 16 Jul 2017What should Dr. Tan Cheng Bock do now about his political goal?76
View 15 Jul 2017Should the government take over the running of Eldershield (long term care insurance)?85
View 13 Jul 2017Do you agree with the remark of DPM Teo Chee Hean that we are all sons of Lee Kuan Yew124
View 13 Jul 2017After watching the Parliamentary debate on 38 Oxley Road, which statement best reflects yo126
View 12 Jul 2017Do you agree with the views of Goh Chok Tong on 38 Oxley Road?132
View 12 Jul 2017What is your opinion of PM Lee during the July 3 Parliamentary session?127
View 12 Jul 2017Are you happy with the debate in Parliament on 3 July?126
View 11 Jul 2017Should Singapore continue its foreign policy on speaking for the rule of international law120
View 10 Jul 2017How should Singapore respond to the application by Malaysia for the ICJ on the Pedra Blanc123
View 09 Jul 2017Who has a better character?137
View 09 Jul 2017Why did LKY refuse to acceded to LHL's request to preserve 38 Oxley Road?135
View 09 Jul 2017Which policy decisions of Lee HL is most harmful to Singapore?133
View 08 Jul 2017Should the court accept Dr. Tan Cheng Bock's arguments on the reserved President Election?20
View 07 Jul 2017If Lee HL agrees to demolish 38 Oxley Road, how will you view him?121
View 07 Jul 2017Is PM Lee abusing his power to convene a Parliament meeting on 3 July to discuss his famil119
View 05 Jul 2017Will the US Supreme Court upload President Trumps's travel ban?80
View 05 Jul 2017The government is considering four options for 38 Oxley Road. Which do you prefer?90
View 05 Jul 2017If Lee HL's son enter politics in a few years time, will you support him?89
View 05 Jul 2017Do you agree with the option to keep the basement of 38 Oxley Road and demolish the buildi87
View 04 Jul 2017Will Air Asia suffer a big drop in business due to the shaking plane from the Perth - KL f81
View 03 Jul 2017When you think about democracy, what statement comes most in your mind?81
View 03 Jul 2017Is it good for the leaders of a country to come from different generations of the same fam82
View 02 Jul 2017When you think of capitalism, which statement comes foremost in your mind72
View 02 Jul 2017When you think of socialism, which statement comes foremost in your mind?70
View 29 Jun 2017What should the law minister do about the allegation by M Ravi?68
View 28 Jun 2017Should Lee Hsien Loong resign as Prime Minister?80
View 28 Jun 2017How much is the estate of Mr. Lee Kuan Yew worth78
View 27 Jun 2017Will the children of Lee Hsien Loong or Lee Hsien Yang enter politics in the future?84
View 27 Jun 2017Should the government provide the maternity benefit in full?82
View 27 Jun 2017Who will you vote for in the reserved Presidential Election?83
View 26 Jun 2017What is your preferred option for LKY's house at 38 Oxley Road?91
View 26 Jun 2017Was the demolition clause in LKY's will inserted with his knowledge?89
View 26 Jun 2017What is the best way for Lee HL to settle this dispute?90
View 23 Jun 2017Should Lee HL sue his brother and sister for defamation?90
View 22 Jun 2017Which side do you support in the dispute within the Lee family?92
View 22 Jun 2017Why does Lee Wei Ling and Lee Hsien Yang bring to dispute into the open?91
View 22 Jun 2017Is it likely that Lee Wei Ling and Lee Hsien Yang will enter politics?91
View 22 Jun 2017Have you heard of the word "Ozymandias" before?89
View 22 Jun 2017Why is Lee HL quite popular among a large segment of Singapore?89
View 19 Jun 2017Which government policy should be changed on top priority?73
View 19 Jun 2017Do you agree with M Ravi's action to challenge the Elected President scheme outside Singap72
View 19 Jun 2017What is the best way to deal with jihadists who returned to Singapore?73
View 16 Jun 2017Is the Police short of manpower to patrol the streets?60
View 16 Jun 2017Who is responsible for making this world unsafe, due to terrorism?59
View 16 Jun 2017Why are prices of baby milk powder so much higher in Singapore than Malaysia and Australia59
View 12 Jun 2017Why does President Trump pull Americal out of the Paris climate accord?44
View 12 Jun 2017Will there be a contest for the Presidential Election 201745
View 12 Jun 2017Who do you prefer to take over as the next prime minister of Singapore46
View 08 Jun 2017Who will win the UK general election?32
View 06 Jun 2017How should America stop North Korea from testing their missles?46
View 05 Jun 2017Will Donald Trump complete his first term as President of America?45
View 05 Jun 2017Did Donald Trump back down on trade at the G7 talks?43
View 05 Jun 2017Should single mothers be allowed to get subsidized HDB flats?45
View 03 Jun 2017Should Singapore conduct a joint naval exercise with India in South China Sea?31
View 02 Jun 2017Should Lee HL step down for Singapore to rebuild relations with China?37
View 02 Jun 2017Is it important for Singapore to rebuild our relationship and trust with China?36
View 02 Jun 2017Will the government policies change significantly if Tharman S becomes the PM?38
View 30 May 2017When do you expect the Kra Canal to be built?35
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