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Issues that have closed recently

View 21 Oct 2017How can SMRT deal with the faulty pump?50
View 21 Oct 2017Is it good for online news website to have intrusive advertisements?45
View 19 Oct 2017Is it good for Singapore to maintain our strong ties with America at this time?45
View 19 Oct 2017Will Rex Tillerson remain long as the US Secretary of State?31
View 18 Oct 2017Should should the train operator do when there is a major breakdown?50
View 18 Oct 2017Should we invite a foreign operator, such as Hong Kong MTR, to run our train system?42
View 17 Oct 2017If wages are increased, will it have an effect on rentals?37
View 17 Oct 2017Is there an erosion of trust in the government of Singapore?41
View 16 Oct 2017Should the insurer reject a medical claim on the grounds of non-disclosure of past medical40
View 16 Oct 2017Is the collective sale fever good for Singapore?44
View 15 Oct 2017Should customers return trays so that there is no need for cleaners?44
View 15 Oct 2017Was it wise for PM Lee to make the statement that small countries should band together?39
View 11 Oct 2017Should be minimum smoking age be raised from 18 to 21 years?45
View 11 Oct 2017Is SingPost providing a reliable service in delivering mail?40
View 10 Oct 2017Should drivers of Uber and Grab met a minimum age or driving experience requirement?49
View 10 Oct 2017Should all buses display the sequential stop number?44
View 10 Oct 2017What change do you like to see with full time National Service?44
View 08 Oct 2017Is it appropriate for the SMRT director to be fined for the fatal accident on the track?48
View 08 Oct 2017What is your view about Chan Chun Sing?48
View 07 Oct 2017What will happen to Amos Yee over the next two years?42
View 07 Oct 2017Should car drivers and passengers have finger prints scanned at the checkpoints?46
View 05 Oct 2017Should small traders be allowed to peddle their ware to make a living?48
View 05 Oct 2017Is the technical director Sablon justified his comment about lack of support from the FAS 37
View 03 Oct 2017Will Tharman Shanmugratnam make major changes in PAP policy if he becomes the prime minist49
View 03 Oct 2017How should the opposition parties handle the potential by-election in Marsiling Yew Tee?50
View 02 Oct 2017Should supermarkets plan charge for plastic bags?45
View 02 Oct 2017Should Singapore follow London to withdraw the licence for Uber to operate a taxi service?48
View 01 Oct 2017Do you expect President Halimah to make a major impact during her presidency>54
View 01 Oct 2017Will the military cooperation between Singapore and China cause problems with our neighbor48
View 30 Sep 2017Who do you prefer to be the next prime minister of Singapore?28
View 30 Sep 2017What is your view about the future relations after PM Lee's visit to China?34
View 29 Sep 2017Will President Trump attack North Korea in the near future?33
View 29 Sep 2017Will Temasek Holdings get a good return in its investment in Grab?27
View 28 Sep 2017Should President Halimah continue to stay in her HDB flat in Yishun?38
View 28 Sep 2017Should PM Lee make the remark that One Belt One Road will bring China closer to the world?42
View 28 Sep 2017What has happened to Lee Hsien Yang?31
View 28 Sep 2017What happened to the court case against Li Sheng Wu?34
View 26 Sep 2017Will PM Lee call a by-election in Marsiling Yew Tee GRC to fill the vacancy created by Hal45
View 26 Sep 2017Should PM Lee call a by-election in Marsiling Yew Tee to find a replacement for Halimah Ya42
View 23 Sep 2017Will the ordinary Singaporeans eventually accept and support Halimah Yacob as the Elected 38
View 23 Sep 2017Should President Halimah continue to stay in her Yishun HDB flat?37
View 23 Sep 2017Do you agree with PM Lee that extreme nationalism compel the change in the Elected Preside35
View 20 Sep 2017How will North Korea respond to the latest economic sanctions?30
View 20 Sep 2017How do you see the recent hurricanes in America?28
View 19 Sep 2017What is your reaction to the compensation paid to 300 agents to move to a new company?34
View 19 Sep 2017How do you feel that the Elected President is elected without a contest36
View 18 Sep 2017Should bike sharing be encouraged?43
View 18 Sep 2017Do you expect any serious problems to crop up in the Korean peninsular within the next few38
View 17 Sep 2017Is the competition between Grab and Uber good for consumers?37
View 17 Sep 2017Are we having too many bike sharing operators?38
View 15 Sep 2017Who should get the credit for the good relations between Singapore and Indonesia?37
View 15 Sep 2017North Korea wants to develop nuclear weapons as a deterent from being attacked by America34
View 14 Sep 2017Why did PM choose Tan Chuan Jin to be Speaker of Parliament?44
View 14 Sep 2017What is the reason for the merger of IE Singapore and Spring?36
View 13 Sep 2017Should household be allowed to share foreign maids?45
View 13 Sep 2017Should a political party be given a two third majority in Parliament?42
View 12 Sep 2017Do you agree with PM Lee's target to reduce workplace fatality by 2028?43
View 12 Sep 2017Is it safe to be in South Korea in September?44
View 11 Sep 2017Should reservist training be stopped?47
View 11 Sep 2017Should a minimum wage be introduced in Singapore?43
View 10 Sep 2017Did President Tony Tan performed his duty well during his term of 6 years?50
View 10 Sep 2017Did the hospital in Johor Bahru attended promptly to the Justinian Tan who was injured in 39
View 09 Sep 2017Should Singapore discontinue the immigration card for visitors to enter Singapore?53
View 09 Sep 2017Is it a good sign that graduates and PMETs are being Uber and Grab drivers?60
View 08 Sep 2017Did Singapore perform well in the South East Asia Games 2017?59
View 08 Sep 2017What is your view about the campaign slogan, "Do good, do together"61
View 08 Sep 2017Who will you vote for as President of Singapore58
View 07 Sep 2017What is the impact of National Service on Singapore males?54
View 07 Sep 2017Is it wise to hold the second industry briefing on the High Speed Rail in London?51
View 05 Sep 2017Is climate change causing severe weather conditions that cause damage around the world?51
View 05 Sep 2017What is the current salary of the President of Singapore53
View 04 Sep 2017Did Singapore perform well at the South East Asia Games?48
View 04 Sep 2017Are you disappointed that Today paper has stopped the print edition?51
View 02 Sep 2017What is the likely cause of the collision between the US destroyer and the oil tanker?40
View 02 Sep 2017Do you agree with the move to cut down sugar in soft drinks?40
View 02 Sep 2017Are you willing to use a e-wallet for cashless payments?39
View 02 Sep 2017Why does PM Lee wear maroon instead of pink shirt at the National Day Rally?36
View 02 Sep 2017Do you prefer PayNow to access your bank account or an e-wallet?34
View 02 Sep 2017Do you agree with the explusion of Prof Huang Jing?30
View 02 Sep 2017Can Singapore move more quickly in promoting cashless payments?31
View 30 Aug 2017Do you agree with the three long term issues raised by PM Lee at the ND Rally?41
View 30 Aug 2017How well did PM Lee perform at the ND Rally?38
View 28 Aug 2017What should Desmond Kuek, CEO of SMRT do, following the frequent breakdowns?47
View 28 Aug 2017Is it wise for Li Shengwu to leave Singapore toavoid being detained for the court hearing?45
View 28 Aug 2017How can we help older PMETs to keep their jobs or find new jobs?44
View 28 Aug 2017If President Trump is impeached, what will he do?36
View 26 Aug 2017Will you avoid attending high profile, crowded events?51
View 26 Aug 2017Who is the smartest and most capable minister in Singapore?52
View 25 Aug 2017Will you be watching the National Day Rally on television?55
View 25 Aug 2017Are you excited about the Smart Nation initiative?53
View 23 Aug 2017Do you agree with the proposal for public transport to go cashless by 2020?53
View 23 Aug 2017What is the best way to help the elderly poor in Singapore?50
View 22 Aug 2017Why is the Singapore Sale no longer great?60
View 22 Aug 2017Will the United States take a first strike against North Korea?52
View 21 Aug 2017Will there be a contest for the reserved presidential election?57
View 21 Aug 2017Should Singapore keep the mandatory death penalty for drug traficking?48
View 18 Aug 2017Why do the experts plan a curved bridge for the RTS between Singapore and Johor Bahru?48
View 18 Aug 2017Is it proper for the Johor Sultan to object to the design of the bridge?46
View 17 Aug 2017Will the construction of the Kra Canal pose a big threat to Singapore's economy43
View 17 Aug 2017Should new citizens and permanent residents be required to serve National Service?43
View 15 Aug 2017Will there be a contest for the Presidential Election?49
View 15 Aug 2017Should a by-election be called for Marsiling Yew Tee GRC after Halimah Yacob steps down?46
View 14 Aug 2017Will Li Shengwu be convicted of contempt of court?51
View 14 Aug 2017Why don't the two governments introduce joint clearance at the causeway and 2nd link?44
View 13 Aug 2017Professor Huang Jing is expelled for being an agent of influence for a foreign country. Wh51
View 13 Aug 2017How should Li Shengwu respond to the action taken by the Attorney General on contempt of c47
View 11 Aug 2017Is Lee HL practicising double standard when he did not sue his siblings for defaming him?53
View 11 Aug 2017Will US sanctions against Russia lead to a trade war or serious conflict?47
View 11 Aug 2017Should taxis be allowed to deliver goods for ecommerce companies?50
View 10 Aug 2017What will happen to President Donald Trump?54
View 10 Aug 2017What will America do about North Korea?47
View 10 Aug 2017What outcome do you prefer for the Court of Appeal judgment on City Harvest Church case?53
View 09 Aug 2017Why does the government take so long to reduce the jam at the causeway?57
View 09 Aug 2017Will a joint immigration clearance help to reduce the jam at the causeway and second link57
View 07 Aug 2017Will you accept Halimah Yacob as a candidate for the reserved Presidential Election?71
View 07 Aug 2017Transport Minister asked the journalists to fix the MRT breakdown, if they are so smart.75
View 05 Aug 2017Do you accept the 2020 target on rail reliability set by the transport minister?76
View 05 Aug 2017What are your views about the haze caused by forest fires in Indonesia?68
View 05 Aug 2017Do you like the Privacy and Data Protection Act (PDPA)?63
View 04 Aug 2017Is the proper for the independent panel to sue the Aljunied MPs to recover the improper pa72
View 04 Aug 2017Is it proper for an independent panel to be appointed to look into the lapses in Aljunied 71
View 02 Aug 2017Why do employers prefer foreigners when Singaporeans are willing to do the job?69
View 02 Aug 2017Why does the government waive the levy for employment pass holders?66
View 31 Jul 2017Where is the best place to leave a shared bike, e.g. Ofobike?66
View 31 Jul 2017Should the government provide regulations on shared bikes?59
View 30 Jul 2017Do we have to pay high salaries to attract talented people into politics?62
View 30 Jul 2017What do you think about the collapse of the PIE viaduct?58
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