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Active issues
2019-03-20What is the key factor for an employer to recruit a PMET?5
2019-03-20Are employers looking beyond paper qualification to recruit PMETs?5
2019-03-19Which incentive will encourage families to have more children?5
2019-03-18Should the social media platforms stop the creation of fake accounts?10
2019-03-18What govt policies will help to increase the birth rate?11
2019-03-17Who should be penalized for the leakage of patient data in M of Health?22
2019-03-17Who should be penalized for deaths of conscripts during training?22
2019-03-16Should old hawker centers be closed down for renovation?30
2019-03-16Should COE for motor vehicles be abolished?29
2019-03-16What will happen after the terrorist attack in the mosques in New Zealand?32
2019-03-16Should taxi fares be standardised?31
2019-03-15Should social media platform exercise more control over hateful postings?34
2019-03-15Was CAAS slow in grounding the Boeing 737 Max planes after 2 crashes?33
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