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Active issues
2019-05-21What is the best way to continue the fight against the fake news law?15
2019-05-21Is it important for objectors to continue the fight against the fake news law?16
2019-05-21What should be the strategy for the non PAP party?18
2019-05-20Which of the following event caused most damage to LHL's reputation?33
2019-05-20When do you expect the PAP govt to fall?38
2019-05-20Which is the best way for Heng SK to rebuild a sense of unity?38
2019-05-20What should be the govt's response to the global economic slowdown?38
2019-05-20What is the cause of the slow business in the Jewel?41
2019-05-19Will you vote for a non PAP candidate who does not look impressive?42
2019-05-19What is the key factor that will make you vote non PAP?41
2019-05-19What happens if every politically conscious person vote non PAP?41
2019-05-19National service is a major factor in our low birth rate.41
2019-05-19Should the govt relax its restriction on marrying foreign spouses?40
2019-05-19Is POFMA an attempt by the govt to cause difficulty to its opponents?43
2019-05-19Should Singaporeans sign a petition to show disagreement with POFMA?46
2019-05-16Should LHL take legal action against his sister LWL?52
2019-05-16Should LHL ask the AG to drop the complaint against LHY's wife over LKY's will?55
2019-05-16Should the govt reduce the inflow of foreign workers?60
2019-05-16Is a HDB flat a good investment?56
2019-05-15What are your views about President's Halimah's visit to China?61
2019-05-15Should the finance minister exercise control over infrastructure expenditure?57
2019-05-14Which party caused the failure of the negotiation on the US China trade dispute?56
2019-05-14What will happen next in the US China trade war.56
2019-05-13Are people poor because of laziness?59
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