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Active issues
2019-01-16Should access to online systems be strengthened to prevent cyber attacks?0
2019-01-16Are you concerned that your data is stolen in the Singhealth cyber-attack?0
2019-01-15What is the best approach towards Careshield Life.9
2019-01-15What should we do about the delay in the completion of the RTS Link?9
2019-01-15What should be the top priority of PM Lee?11
2019-01-14Was it wise for Singapore to call off the bilateral meeting with Malaysia?11
2019-01-14If we have to follow the model of another country, which do you prefer?11
2019-01-13What is the best way to restructure our economy?17
2019-01-13Can Apple Computers continue to show higher profits?18
2019-01-12Which is likely to be the venue for the second Trump Kim summit?26
2019-01-12Is SkillsFuture operating well?28
2019-01-11What should we do with the Malaysian vessels in our waters?32
2019-01-10Who do you blame for the protracted shutdown of the US government?28
2019-01-10How do you find the published version of the Singhealth COI report?33
2019-01-10How do you find the services of the Maid Portal, https://netmaid.sg28
2019-01-09Should we have a 90 min firework for the Countdown to 2019?36
2019-01-09How can we encourage more people to work closer to home?31
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