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Active issues
2018-10-17Is it acceptable for the PM's wife to head a sovereign wealth fund?28
2018-10-17Did Temasek Holdings lose a lot of money on their investments?25
2018-10-16Is the govt protecting the interest of consumers?28
2018-10-16Is the govt protecting the interest of workers?27
2018-10-15Should the govt provide a pension to elderly people?41
2018-10-15Should Singaporeans contribute to charity?41
2018-10-14Which education policy do you prefer?43
2018-10-14Is a HDB flat a good investment?42
2018-10-13Is it correct to disallow Aljunied from using the town council software?53
2018-10-13What are your views about the dispute over the Oxfam report?48
2018-10-12Is Singapore still a safe country?57
2018-10-12Are you optimistic about the future of Singapore?51
2018-10-11So you agree with Singapore's ranking in the Oxfam study on inequality?54
2018-10-11Do you look forward to opening of the Jewel in Changi in 2019?55
2018-10-10Should Aljunied residents be denied of the use of the town council software?62
2018-10-10Was Jolovan Wham and John Tan in contempt of court?59
2018-10-10Do you agree with the suspension of Access Medical Group from CHAS?59
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