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Active issues
2018-11-16Do you like the progressive wage system advocated by the govt?0
2018-11-16Should PM Lee sue the States Times Review?12
2018-11-15Will the RCEP between Asean and six major countries have a good future?13
2018-11-15Do you expect relations between Singapore and China to improve?17
2018-11-14The ASEAN meetings in Singapore will improve our international profile.25
2018-11-14PM Lee calls on new PAP leaders to adopt centrist policies23
2018-11-13Why does PM Lee not started defamation action against State Times Review?36
2018-11-13Will the relationship between Malaysia and Singapore improve after Dr M's visit?32
2018-11-12What are your view about the new lineup in the PAP central executive committee? 42
2018-11-12Is it appropriate for PM Lee's wife to be involved in meetings with other govt leaders?41
2018-11-11Is market competition good for the economy?47
2018-11-11How should the govt deal with the State Times Review website?41
2018-11-10Should we introduce an ombudsman system in Singapore?51
2018-11-10Is it good for PAP to split into two parties?56
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