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Active issues
2018-12-16Why is PM Lee quiet during the current dispute with Malaysia?15
2018-12-16Why is Tan Chuan Jin quite popular among the younger leaders?16
2018-12-15How can employees protect against retrenchment?21
2018-12-15Should companies be required to provide retrenchment benefit?23
2018-12-14Should we have an independent election commission?31
2018-12-14Is it better to keep to a manual voting system?33
2018-12-13Is it proper for the editor of TOC to be charged for criminal defamation?40
2018-12-13Malaysia is restricting the export of eggs.43
2018-12-12Do you trust the Malaysia govt in dealing fairly with Singapore?44
2018-12-12What are your views about electronic voting?43
2018-12-11Should Singapore use force to remove the Malaysia vessel from "our waters"?46
2018-12-11Will the standoff with Malaysia win more votes for PAP at next general election?48
2018-12-10Should cashless payments be promoted in Singapore?48
2018-12-10What is the likely cause of food poisoning in Singapore55
2018-12-09Should a country club bar maids from eating in the restaurants? 52
2018-12-09Should Singapore use force to remove the vessels that intruded in our waters?50
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