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Active issues
2019-07-16Should public transport fares be increased?6
2019-07-16Are there more crimes in Singapore in recent years?6
2019-07-15Should the give special incentive to set up non-profit preschool centers?7
2019-07-15Should pedestrian pathways be shared with PMDs?7
2019-07-14What is the underlying cause of the protests in Hong Kong?29
2019-07-14Can China be trusted?25
2019-07-14Can the US be trusted?28
2019-07-13If we abolish GST and increase income tax, what is the threshold?39
2019-07-13What strategy do you prefer to address an impending economic recession?43
2019-07-13Should people vote PAP if the economy goes into recession?47
2019-07-13Which of these leaders do you respect the most?46
2019-07-13What are your view of Dr. Chee Soon Juan?48
2019-07-11What would be an appropriate salary for the CEO of Temasek Holdings?49
2019-07-11What do you expect Ho Ching's annual salary and perks to be?53
2019-07-11If Ho Ching earns several millions as CEO Temasek, what would be your opinion?48
2019-07-11If Ho Ching draws a modest salary say $1, what would be your opinion?50
2019-07-09Which policy option do you prefer for our economic development.51
2019-07-09Which policy option do you like to help many people cope with life in Singapore?59
2019-07-08Which photo/message should I use for my election campaign?45
2019-07-08Should the HK government acceded to the two demands of the protestors?48
2019-07-08What are you views about the handling of the protests by the HK govt.52
2019-07-08What are your views about the protesters in Hong Kong.48
2019-07-07How can we ensure that capable people be appointed as ministers?54
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