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Issues that have closed recently

View 18 Mar 2019Which approach do you prefer for our national defense41
View 18 Mar 2019Why do some people strongly support National Service at the current pace?37
View 17 Mar 2019Should owners of expiring HDB flats receive some compensation?27
View 17 Mar 2019How can we ensure that workers receive adequate pay?27
View 16 Mar 2019What causes the large increase in health care?38
View 16 Mar 2019Who is responsible for the huge loss suffered by Hyflux retail investors30
View 15 Mar 2019Did the SG govt handle the dispute with Malaysia well?37
View 15 Mar 2019What is the best way to ensure the citizens have enough savings for retirement?34
View 14 Mar 2019Do you agree with removal of streaming in secondary school33
View 14 Mar 2019Which is the biggest flaw of the education system31
View 13 Mar 2019How can we help students who struggle with their studies?35
View 12 Mar 2019Do we need a government that is socialist in its approach?44
View 12 Mar 2019Will you come forward to stand in solidarity with people in trouble?39
View 12 Mar 2019Which issue needs the most urgent attention?43
View 11 Mar 2019Was streaming in education good for Singapore?47
View 11 Mar 2019Is it good for the wife of the PM to be head of the sovereign wealth fund?52
View 10 Mar 2019How can we respond to the latest request on the water agreement?49
View 10 Mar 2019Does Singapore practise meritocracy?51
View 09 Mar 2019What are your views about the failure of the second Trump Kim Summit?47
View 09 Mar 2019Is it proper a minister of state's wife to be appointed as auditor general?59
View 08 Mar 2019Who do you consider to be a big bully to other countries?44
View 08 Mar 2019Who should provide basic military training for NS conscripts?48
View 07 Mar 2019Should the govt set aside a special fund to provide a special benefit?39
View 07 Mar 2019Should Singaporeans stand united with the govt in the dispute with Malaysia?49
View 06 Mar 2019Do you agree with the restriction on foreign workers for F&B and retail?48
View 05 Mar 2019What are your views about the Asset Enhancement policy introduced by PM Goh?54
View 05 Mar 2019Do you expect the trade dispute between America and China to be resolved?43
View 05 Mar 2019Is it important for the government to deal with the low birth rate?49
View 04 Mar 2019Should the govt save Hyflux?54
View 04 Mar 2019Should MAS have stopped the sale of Hyflux perpetual securities to retail investors? 55
View 03 Mar 2019Should the govt take back Tuas Spring from Hyflux53
View 03 Mar 2019Should the Energy Market Authority be responsible for the overcapacity?52
View 01 Mar 2019Should a separate fund be created to meet the future cost of the Merdeka package?38
View 01 Mar 2019Which change do you prefer for the CPF withdrawal..42
View 28 Feb 2019What are your views about our 3M system - Medisave, Medishield, Medifund44
View 28 Feb 2019How can we deal with the high cost of health care?40
View 27 Feb 2019What are your views about Budget 201951
View 27 Feb 2019What are your views about the Merdeka Generation package?47
View 26 Feb 2019Are you worried about unauthorized access to your electronic health record? 47
View 26 Feb 2019What do you expect from Budget 2019?50
View 26 Feb 2019Which tax system do you prefer?47
View 25 Feb 2019Should we use means test to calculate subsidy for various benefits?57
View 25 Feb 2019What are your views about the errors in the CHAS subsidies?52
View 25 Feb 2019Does reservist liability make it more difficult for locals to get jobs?51
View 24 Feb 2019What are your views about the FTA with the EU?46
View 24 Feb 2019What do you hope to see as the outcome of the next general election51
View 24 Feb 2019PM Lee said that safety of soldiers of utmost seriousness to him.47
View 23 Feb 2019What are your views about the PPP on the Sports Hub?46
View 23 Feb 2019Why is there low interest in the Singapore Exchange (SGX)> 39
View 22 Feb 2019Are free trade agreements generally good for Singapore?50
View 22 Feb 2019How should the govt respond to allegations made by the American involved in the HIV leak?42
View 21 Feb 2019Should patient records be stored in a central database?48
View 21 Feb 2019Are negative postings during the spat with Malaysia caused by foreigners?44
View 20 Feb 2019Should the govt remove immunity on Mindef officers for safety breaches?53
View 20 Feb 2019What are your views about the GRC system?48
View 19 Feb 2019Why two ministers run a ministry and a minister run two ministries?46
View 19 Feb 2019What is your opinion of Dr. Tan Cheng Bock's party?42
View 18 Feb 2019The govt will set aside a separate fund for the Merdeka Generation package.44
View 18 Feb 2019Should we pursue a centralised health record system?41
View 17 Feb 2019Should the CPIB go after cemetery workers for collecting ang pows?50
View 17 Feb 2019Should a doctor be required to tell the patient of all possible side effects?52
View 16 Feb 2019The second Trump Kim summit will be held in Vietnam at a much lower budget.46
View 16 Feb 2019Who should be responsible to teach children to read?49
View 15 Feb 2019Should National Service be maintained as part of our defense strategy?49
View 14 Feb 2019What type of benefits should be provided for the Merdeka Generation.45
View 14 Feb 2019What changes do you like to see in Budget 2019?46
View 13 Feb 2019Should ministers continue to be MPs?47
View 13 Feb 2019How should leaders take responsibility for big mistakes in their organizations?50
View 12 Feb 2019What are your general views about politicians from the non PAP?55
View 12 Feb 2019What are your views about politicians from the PAP?54
View 11 Feb 2019Should we celebrate the 200th anniversary of the founding of Singapore?57
View 11 Feb 2019How should Sing Post improve its reliability of postal service?51
View 10 Feb 2019What are your views about the Merdeka Generation package?63
View 10 Feb 2019When should Lee HL step down as prime minister?66
View 10 Feb 2019Will you accept Lee Hsien Yang as the next prime minister68
View 09 Feb 2019How can we make bike sharing viable?58
View 09 Feb 2019Is it fair for overseas Singaporeans to receive GST vouchers?54
View 08 Feb 2019Should we use NSF as instructors?62
View 08 Feb 2019Should CPF contribution for older workers be increased?65
View 07 Feb 2019Should full time national service be maintained at two years?74
View 05 Feb 2019How should PM Lee deal with the defamation suit against Leong Sze Hian?80
View 05 Feb 2019Are there many instances of abuses of process in Singapore?70
View 04 Feb 2019Should the electricity supplier compensate consumers for power outage?72
View 04 Feb 2019What are your views of Dr. Chee Soon Juan78
View 03 Feb 2019How should we change our approach towards National Service?67
View 03 Feb 2019How can the govt get citizens to stay united in facing future challenges?68
View 02 Feb 2019Should a doctor ask a patient for consent for minor procedures?50
View 02 Feb 2019Who should take responsibility for the death of Aloysius Pang?54
View 01 Feb 2019What are your views about the death of a reservist while training in New Zealand?53
View 01 Feb 2019Should the govt compensate $500,000 to the family of a NS man who dies on duty?57
View 31 Jan 2019What are your views about GoJek service?38
View 31 Jan 2019Does Singapore face a high threat of terrorism?45
View 29 Jan 2019What is the best way to simplify work for lawyers?31
View 29 Jan 2019Who can serve the people better?40
View 29 Jan 2019Should the reservist training be reduced?39
View 28 Jan 2019What is the best approach for the non PAP parties to work with TCB party?43
View 28 Jan 2019Do you agree with the decision of Mindef to buy the F35 to replace the F16 planes?40
View 27 Jan 2019Do you expect Lee Hsien Yang to be involved in Tan Cheng Bock's party?37
View 27 Jan 2019How will Tan Cheng Bock party (PSP) impact the next general election?37
View 26 Jan 2019Do you get unwanted calls on your phone registered under DNC?29
View 26 Jan 2019Should the govt provide more HDB flats for rental?37
View 25 Jan 2019Is it good for Singapore to have many people shop in Johore?32
View 25 Jan 2019Should the govt call a by-election in Marsiling-Yew Tee Constituency?40
View 24 Jan 2019Are you concerned that your data is stolen in the Singhealth cyber-attack?30
View 24 Jan 2019Should access to online systems be strengthened to prevent cyber attacks?32
View 23 Jan 2019What should be the top priority of PM Lee?39
View 23 Jan 2019What should we do about the delay in the completion of the RTS Link?33
View 23 Jan 2019What is the best approach towards Careshield Life.35
View 22 Jan 2019If we have to follow the model of another country, which do you prefer?33
View 22 Jan 2019Was it wise for Singapore to call off the bilateral meeting with Malaysia?32
View 21 Jan 2019Can Apple Computers continue to show higher profits?38
View 21 Jan 2019What is the best way to restructure our economy?35
View 20 Jan 2019Is SkillsFuture operating well?40
View 20 Jan 2019Which is likely to be the venue for the second Trump Kim summit?34
View 19 Jan 2019What should we do with the Malaysian vessels in our waters?36
View 18 Jan 2019How do you find the services of the Maid Portal, https://netmaid.sg29
View 18 Jan 2019How do you find the published version of the Singhealth COI report?34
View 18 Jan 2019Who do you blame for the protracted shutdown of the US government?34
View 17 Jan 2019How can we encourage more people to work closer to home?31
View 17 Jan 2019Should we have a 90 min firework for the Countdown to 2019?36
View 16 Jan 2019Is it proper for AG Office to lodge the complaint against Lee HY's wife?43
View 16 Jan 2019Why does the Malaysian Agong abdicate his office?39
View 16 Jan 2019Do you get unsolicited calls?41
View 16 Jan 2019Should the govt build a MRT station at the Founder's Memorial?42
View 15 Jan 2019How is your experience with food delivery?39
View 15 Jan 2019Should businesses be allowed to collect deposits for future services?40
View 14 Jan 2019How should a prime minister deal with defamatory remarks from citizens?49
View 14 Jan 2019How do you find NTUC Foodfare?43
View 13 Jan 2019Should Dr. Tan CB contest the next general election?53
View 13 Jan 2019What is the best way to lower energy cost for consumers?54
View 12 Jan 2019Do you like durian?40
View 12 Jan 2019What is the best way to find a maid?32
View 11 Jan 2019Is climate change a serious issue for the world?39
View 11 Jan 2019How long will the partial shutdown of the US govt last?35
View 10 Jan 2019What is the problem with launching the grading of maid agencies?31
View 10 Jan 2019What are the common problems faced by employers with maid agencies?29
View 09 Jan 2019Was it a good idea to organize the fireworks at the Countdown to 2019?51
View 09 Jan 2019Should the full report of the COI on the Singhealth Cyber-attack be released?46
View 08 Jan 2019Will America remaining a vibrant economy?41
View 08 Jan 2019Will China continue to develop rapidly?44
View 07 Jan 2019What are your impression of Lee HY?41
View 07 Jan 2019What is your top wish for 2019?44
View 05 Jan 2019How can ICA increase its manpower for the checkpoints?46
View 05 Jan 2019Will the legal suit taken by PM Lee against Leong SH affect his votes?41
View 04 Jan 2019Will you donate to the Leong Sze Hian defence fund?43
View 04 Jan 2019The suspected blocking of the link to the article on crowd funding for Leong SH.43
View 03 Jan 2019What is the best strategy to manage our relations with Malaysia.42
View 03 Jan 2019How can we ensure security of food supplies?45
View 01 Jan 2019How can we make shared bike sustainable?36
View 01 Jan 2019Will the move to the 4G leaders bring more votes for the PAP?35
View 31 Dec 2018How should we secure our food supply in the future?38
View 31 Dec 2018How can America solve its problem of funding govt services?33
View 30 Dec 2018Should the public sector adopt KPIs to pay bonus to civil servants?43
View 30 Dec 2018Should the average minister's salary be reduced to $500,000?45
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