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Issues that have closed recently

View 16 Jul 2019What assistance can be given to parents who cannot afford to raise their children.53530
View 16 Jul 2019How can we ensure that all ethnic groups are represented in parliament?5180
View 15 Jul 2019Did the Singapore govt abused the powers under the Internal Security Act51420
View 15 Jul 2019What relief should be given to people in deep financial distress?48500
View 13 Jul 2019What is your opinion about the PAP leaders?431040
View 13 Jul 2019What is your opinion of the non PAP leaders?41560
View 12 Jul 2019How could the Woodlands double murder have been prevented?35670
View 12 Jul 2019How do you feel about living in Singapore?38440
View 11 Jul 2019How can our civil servants be more friendly to the public?39650
View 11 Jul 2019Should the minister engage the public on issues brought up by them?3480
View 10 Jul 2019How do you view Trump's historic visit to North Korea?37530
View 10 Jul 2019How do you view President Trump's impact on the world35500
View 09 Jul 2019How would you deal with an increasing number of unemployed graduates?42600
View 09 Jul 2019Are signs in Singapore helpful?41520
View 08 Jul 2019Should legal fees be regulated?39560
View 08 Jul 2019What are your reaction to the outcome of the Trump Xi meeting in Osaka?37320
View 07 Jul 2019Is President Trump doing a good job in running the country?31980
View 07 Jul 2019Should child care be funded similar to primary schools?28110
View 05 Jul 2019Should a detainee under ISA be allowed to apply to the court for a review? 35680
View 05 Jul 2019Should we continue our approach towards allowing foreign workers to work here?38620
View 04 Jul 2019Which type of tax system do you prefer (2)38770
View 04 Jul 2019Should owners be allowed to participate in AirBnB?32700
View 03 Jul 2019Which country do you admire?341350
View 03 Jul 2019Which type of tax system do you prefer?36930
View 01 Jul 2019How much are you prepared to pay for a website article?321350
View 01 Jul 2019Should the state employ mentors to help citizens on life issues?34100
View 30 Jun 2019How much are you prepared to pay for the online subscription to SPH papers?391290
View 30 Jun 2019How much are you prepared to pay for Business Times Only?41100
View 29 Jun 2019How important is the rule of law?35600
View 29 Jun 2019Will US take military action against Iran for downing the drone?341090
View 28 Jun 2019How can the govt address the economic slowdown in Singapore?40840
View 28 Jun 2019Do you expect Carrie Lam to remain as Chief Executive of Hong Kong?42720
View 27 Jun 2019Will Hong Kong do well if it is independent of China?38780
View 27 Jun 2019What type of government is best for a developing country?38910
View 26 Jun 2019Is the Hong Kong extradition bill bad for the people?47431
View 26 Jun 2019What is the likely outcome of the meeting between Trump and Xi in G20?36360
View 25 Jun 2019The Hong Kong Chief Executive has decided to suspend the extradition bill.461022
View 25 Jun 2019Heng SK wants to consult the people in formulating policies for the 4G govt.471271
View 24 Jun 2019Who should build the infrastructure for 5G?451822
View 24 Jun 2019Was Iran responsible for the recent attacks on the oil tankers in the Gulf of Oman?40121
View 23 Jun 2019Is President Trump keen to strike a deal to end the trade war?441061
View 23 Jun 2019Should Singapore develop the best infrastructure in the world?46101
View 22 Jun 2019Should a protest like in Hong Kong be allowed in Singapore?44871
View 22 Jun 2019Is the police act fairly in issuing a permit for public assembly?41811
View 21 Jun 2019What is the most important feature of democracy?45841
View 21 Jun 2019Why do almost 1 million people protest against the extradition law in Hong Kong?391301
View 20 Jun 2019Will a ban by China on export of rare earth to America have a serious impact?44901
View 20 Jun 2019Should the HK govt reconsider the extradition law in view of the large protest?40931
View 19 Jun 2019How fast will the world change towards the use of electric cars?47731
View 19 Jun 2019Should Singaporeans support LHL against the criticism by Cambodia and Vietnam?471190
View 18 Jun 2019Should subsidised wards in hospitals be air conditioned?50980
View 18 Jun 2019Why did Singapore embark on a Smart Nation project?43940
View 17 Jun 2019Who should build the infrastructure for the 5G network?50990
View 17 Jun 2019How should LHL deal with the uproar over his remarks on the "invasion" of Cambodia?471240
View 16 Jun 2019Which is better to commemorate the bicentennial celebration?381110
View 16 Jun 2019Should specialised bodies be appointed to manage escrow accounts?36760
View 15 Jun 2019What makes a good nature person?381430
View 15 Jun 2019What makes a bad nature person?431350
View 14 Jun 2019Should the 5G licence be given free to operators?40850
View 14 Jun 2019Should the govt set a minimum wage?43960
View 13 Jun 2019The erratic behavior of Trump reflects the weakness of the US system40990
View 13 Jun 2019Is it wise to spend $4.85 billion to complete the Circle Line?421170
View 10 Jun 2019How to encourage families to have more children?38590
View 10 Jun 2019What is your assessment of the Smart Nation project?35480
View 09 Jun 2019What is your main worry for the future?43840
View 09 Jun 2019How can the govt help poor elderly citizens?36610
View 08 Jun 2019Which political party do you support (top choice)?42990
View 08 Jun 2019Should we continue to expand our MRT network?41450
View 07 Jun 2019Should NRIC be kept private?45400
View 07 Jun 2019Which change in the democratic process do you like most?43910
View 06 Jun 2019Should enrolment in local universities be increased for local students?45240
View 06 Jun 2019Is the concern over online privacy justified?40180
View 05 Jun 2019Was the 2019 general election in Indonesia carried out fairly?38250
View 05 Jun 2019Why did Lee HY decide to provide the deposit for Jolovan Wham's appeal?44240
View 04 Jun 2019Is it important for objectors to continue the fight against the fake news law?48320
View 04 Jun 2019What is the best way to continue the fight against the fake news law?42190
View 03 Jun 2019Which of the following event caused most damage to LHL's reputation?57310
View 03 Jun 2019What should be the strategy for the non PAP party?47250
View 02 Jun 2019Which is the best way for Heng SK to rebuild a sense of unity?54310
View 02 Jun 2019When do you expect the PAP govt to fall?56240
View 01 Jun 2019What is the cause of the slow business in the Jewel?60250
View 01 Jun 2019What should be the govt's response to the global economic slowdown?55280
View 31 May 2019What is the key factor that will make you vote non PAP?57270
View 31 May 2019Will you vote for a non PAP candidate who does not look impressive?55210
View 30 May 2019National service is a major factor in our low birth rate.51300
View 30 May 2019What happens if every politically conscious person vote non PAP?54250
View 29 May 2019Is POFMA an attempt by the govt to cause difficulty to its opponents?56310
View 29 May 2019Should the govt relax its restriction on marrying foreign spouses?50260
View 28 May 2019Should LHL take legal action against his sister LWL?62320
View 28 May 2019Should Singaporeans sign a petition to show disagreement with POFMA?55250
View 27 May 2019Should the govt reduce the inflow of foreign workers?69320
View 27 May 2019Should LHL ask the AG to drop the complaint against LHY's wife over LKY's will?64280
View 26 May 2019What are your views about President's Halimah's visit to China?64270
View 26 May 2019Is a HDB flat a good investment?61220
View 25 May 2019Which party caused the failure of the negotiation on the US China trade dispute?59300
View 25 May 2019Should the finance minister exercise control over infrastructure expenditure?62270
View 24 May 2019Are people poor because of laziness?60290
View 24 May 2019What will happen next in the US China trade war.59290
View 23 May 2019Are the PAP leaders are responsible and accountable?61310
View 23 May 2019Are the PAP leaders competent?60340
View 22 May 2019Are poor people lazy?61370
View 22 May 2019If the govt provide free services, will it be abused?62511
View 21 May 2019What do you expect on the US China trade dispute?64300
View 21 May 2019Is tariff and protectionism good for a country?59320
View 20 May 2019What will happen to Malaysia under the Pakatan govt?52290
View 20 May 2019Is it wise for LHL to allow the AGC to lodge a complaint over LKY's will?54220
View 19 May 2019Will the govt implement the fake news law actively?47300
View 19 May 2019What is the best way to solve youth unemployment?36220
View 18 May 2019Will higher tariffs imposed by US affect the China economy?47210
View 18 May 2019Should America impose tariffs on China alone?38210
View 17 May 2019Should reservist duty be reduced from 10 years to 5 years?491021
View 17 May 2019Who should take the blame for the death of Aloysius Pang?44190
View 16 May 2019Is it acceptable to describe the LHL govt as a corrupt one?42350
View 16 May 2019Should the minister of defense take responsibility for the death of Aloysius Pang?37300
View 15 May 2019Heng SK gives a top focus for jobs for Singaporeans.46350
View 15 May 2019Is Heng SK physically fit to take the strain of leadership?41340
View 14 May 2019Is it necessary for the govt to pass a law to control fake news?49260
View 14 May 2019What are your views about the leaks in the Jewel at Changi.43250
View 13 May 2019Young people are more open to extremist views posted online.42250
View 13 May 2019Govt's response to the negative feedback on the fake news law37230
View 10 May 2019Does Malaysia have a legitimate concern over the ILS in Selectar?35280
View 10 May 2019Should the govt protect consumers from bad business practices?35210
View 09 May 2019Which slogan is better for non PAP coalition?47280
View 09 May 2019Should the govt spend more on infrastructure and buildings?39210
View 08 May 2019Should the AGC take action against LHY's wife over LKY's will?46300
View 08 May 2019Did LHL get much respect from China during his visit to the BRI forum?45210
View 06 May 2019Is someone shared news about severe leaks in Changi Jewel, should he be penalized?48250
View 06 May 2019Is Tripartism (between unions, employers, govt) good for Singapore?46270
View 05 May 2019If a passenger makes a verbal security threat, what should the airline do?46270
View 05 May 2019Should the govt accept a large donation and give citizenship to the donor?42210
View 04 May 2019Should Hyflux be saved?50180
View 04 May 2019Is it worthwhile to preserve the know-how in Hyflux?51190
View 03 May 2019Should Nicholas Lim be given a higher penalty now?49260
View 03 May 2019Do you agree with Monica Baey approaching to bring up the peeping tom case61230
View 02 May 2019Is it correct for Great Eastern Life to suspend Nicholas Lim as an agent?51290
View 02 May 2019Did he education minister acted promptly on the NUS peeping tom case?55270
View 01 May 2019How can the government regain the trust of the people?62330
View 01 May 2019Was Monica Baey acting correctly in pursuing the Peeping Tom incident?71300
View 30 Apr 2019Will NAS Daily operate successfully from Singapore?49320
View 30 Apr 2019Should season parking be reserved at higher floors of car parks?55290
View 29 Apr 2019If the govt can reduce infrastructure spending by $5 billion, how can it be used?56370
View 29 Apr 2019Which option do you prefer to create employment for locals?63350
View 28 Apr 2019How do you describe the 34,000 investors of Hyflux?46250
View 28 Apr 2019Are you happy with the rule of law in Singapore?57350
View 27 Apr 2019Which slogan do you prefer to be adopted by a party that opposes the PAP.55290
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