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Issues that have closed recently

View 17 Oct 2018Do we have a positive culture in Singapore?66
View 17 Oct 2018Is Singapore acting effectively to combat climate change67
View 16 Oct 2018Should the govt provide free shuttle service within a town?65
View 16 Oct 2018Should public hospitals be allowed to take private patients?61
View 15 Oct 2018Will Anwar Ibrahim win Port Dickson by-election?54
View 15 Oct 2018The education minister is reducing exams to reduce stress.55
View 13 Oct 2018Singapore is introducing electronic arrival cards43
View 10 Oct 2018Are you familiar with the use of QR code?35
View 10 Oct 2018Will you help a new start up?34
View 10 Oct 2018Will you donate to the victims of natural disasters?35
View 09 Oct 2018Is it good to have competition in the electricity supply market?30
View 08 Oct 2018Is the PSLE exam a good feature of our education system?27
View 08 Oct 2018Is it good to place students in different express and normal streams?24
View 07 Oct 2018Should weak students pursue a degree in a private university?28
View 07 Oct 2018Should the bus have a digital display of the next stop27
View 06 Oct 2018Did the govt give good advice on investing in HDB flats?25
View 06 Oct 2018Is asset enhancement in HDB flats a good policy?23
View 05 Oct 2018Will people support the PAP because they are afraid of change?28
View 05 Oct 2018Is it good for NTUC Foodfare to buy over Kopitiam?23
View 04 Oct 2018Will a new government run Singapore well?31
View 04 Oct 2018Are our national reserves intact?33
View 02 Oct 2018Is there a risk of changing the government?42
View 02 Oct 2018Will fake news cause a lot of damage?43
View 02 Oct 2018Is it good to have the same government for many years?40
View 01 Oct 2018Which issue do you consider to be most important?47
View 01 Oct 2018Should the govt guarantee that every citizen has a job?43
View 01 Oct 2018What is the best way for the govt to deal with fake news?46
View 30 Sep 2018Should jobs be reserved for locals?46
View 30 Sep 2018Is Grab good the economy?39
View 29 Sep 2018Are we paying a fair price of $1,500 for each meter of covered walkway?53
View 29 Sep 2018Is it acceptable for the select committee to call Thum Ping Tjin a liar?50
View 28 Sep 2018What will happen to Najib Razak56
View 28 Sep 2018Will HIP2 and VERS help to preserve the value of HDB flats48
View 27 Sep 2018Will HDB expiry of 99 year lease affect votes at next general election?50
View 26 Sep 2018Should the NRIC No be used to identify a person?51
View 26 Sep 2018Is the annual F1 race good for Singapore?52
View 26 Sep 2018Is the PM all-in salary of $2.2 million transparent? 54
View 25 Sep 2018PM Lee's all-in salary is $2.2 million a year.56
View 25 Sep 2018Will Anwar Ibrahim work more closely with Singapore in two years time?51
View 24 Sep 2018What causes the severe storms in recent years?46
View 24 Sep 2018Is the government dealing with the real challenges facing the country?48
View 23 Sep 2018Does lower income and corporate tax bring in foreign investments?51
View 23 Sep 2018Should the government adjust the pensions of retired civil servants?48
View 22 Sep 2018How can bullying by defamation suits be stopped?42
View 21 Sep 2018Should Singapore reduce defense spending?49
View 21 Sep 2018Is our purchase of weapons corruption free?47
View 20 Sep 2018What are your views about PayNow?44
View 20 Sep 2018How can the call centers improve the customer service?48
View 19 Sep 2018What is the best way to preserve the value of HDB flats49
View 19 Sep 2018Should we pay higher wages for public sector jobs that are now unpopular?52
View 19 Sep 2018Should Singapore merge with Malaysia within the next 10 years?49
View 18 Sep 2018Does the government policies protect jobs for Singaporeans?49
View 18 Sep 2018Is it easy for graduates to find jobs?51
View 17 Sep 2018What is Dr. Mahathir's attitude towards Singapore?57
View 17 Sep 2018How should the SG government deal with the MY government?53
View 17 Sep 2018What do you expect will happen to the US - China trade dispute?55
View 16 Sep 2018Is it beneficial to have a High Speed Rail between Singapore and Kuala Lumpur?61
View 16 Sep 2018Should the government speed up the checkpoint clearance at causeway?69
View 16 Sep 2018Should Singapore repeal section 377A (which make gay sex illegal)?59
View 15 Sep 2018How much will the High Speed Rail cost Singapore (make a guess)58
View 15 Sep 2018Is it acceptable to invite a foreign leader to talk about democracy?71
View 15 Sep 2018What do you dislike about the PAP government?68
View 15 Sep 2018What do you like about the PAP government?66
View 14 Sep 2018Do you agree with the four year delay in High Speed Rail?64
View 14 Sep 2018Is the compensation of $15 million for the delay of the High Speed Rail fair?70
View 13 Sep 2018Which PAP minister do you respect most?57
View 13 Sep 2018Which of these Worker Party MPs do you respect most?83
View 13 Sep 2018Which of these non PAP leaders do you respect most75
View 13 Sep 2018Which of these 4G ministers do you respect most?42
View 12 Sep 2018How can we remove the climate of fear in Singapore?91
View 12 Sep 2018Do you like the hub and spoke concept for bus services?62
View 11 Sep 2018How can the long queue at the causeway be reduced?91
View 11 Sep 2018Should Singaporeans talk to leaders of foreign countries?87
View 11 Sep 2018Law minister's statement on activists meeting Dr. Mahathir.89
View 11 Sep 2018Did PM Lee addressed the issue of cost of living in his ND Rally speech?87
View 09 Sep 2018Did the buyer own or lease a HDB flat?82
View 09 Sep 2018Is it fair to require the HDB lessee to pay the property tax?73
View 08 Sep 2018Do you like a third link to Johore from the eastern side?68
View 08 Sep 2018Should the NRIC be kept confidential?63
View 07 Sep 2018Is it good to stream students at PSLE?58
View 07 Sep 2018Do you agree with SDP proposal to offer the OM and NOM category of HDB flats?52
View 06 Sep 2018If it is proceeded later, where should the High Speed Rail terminate?51
View 05 Sep 2018What are your views about VERS (voluntary enbloc redevelopment scheme)?40
View 05 Sep 2018Did PM Lee address your concern about the depreciating value of the HDB flat?39
View 04 Sep 2018What incentive will help to increase the birth rate?42
View 04 Sep 2018Should we change the streaming system in our education system?45
View 04 Sep 2018What is an appropriate salary for a minister under the clean wage system?42
View 03 Sep 2018Should the conscription (National Service) be changed? 38
View 03 Sep 2018What are your views about the Social Democratic Party.39
View 02 Sep 2018Which PAP policy caused the most harm to Singapore?55
View 02 Sep 2018Which PAP leader did the most harm to Singapore57
View 02 Sep 2018What item is most important for coalition (non PAP) platform?53
View 01 Sep 2018Who is the best person to lead the coalition against PAP?51
View 01 Sep 2018What are your views about the Workers Party.48
View 31 Aug 2018How do you find PM Lee's National Day Rally speech?59
View 31 Aug 2018Is CPF a good scheme?52
View 31 Aug 2018Is HDB a good scheme?55
View 30 Aug 2018How can the value of HDB flats be preserved?58
View 30 Aug 2018What should be the pricing policy for HDB flats?61
View 30 Aug 2018What is best for the future of Singapore?59
View 29 Aug 2018Which person will you vote for as your Member of Parliament?84
View 29 Aug 2018Which is most important when you choose your MP?76
View 29 Aug 2018Do you take buses?86
View 28 Aug 2018What do you think of the Merdeka Generation Package?82
View 27 Aug 2018How much is an adequate pension for people above 75 years97
View 27 Aug 2018Should we continue with means testing?77
View 27 Aug 2018Should we have the same means testing criteria for all types of benefits?78
View 26 Aug 2018How can the government solve the housing price problem?83
View 26 Aug 2018Will tenants take care of rental HDB flats?82
View 25 Aug 2018Is it advisable to rely on our scholars to lead the country?82
View 25 Aug 2018Is it advisable to rely on SAF top brass to run the country?75
View 23 Aug 2018Which method do you prefer to learn a new subject?72
View 23 Aug 2018Do you agree that the new CEO of SMRT should take public transport to work?68
View 23 Aug 2018What should be the key goal in education?69
View 23 Aug 2018Which factor will cause PAP to lose most votes?68
View 22 Aug 2018Will Lee Hsien Yang make an impact if he joins Tan Cheng Bock's coalition?81
View 22 Aug 2018Will it help if Tan Cheng Bock's coalition can recruit a few former PAP MPs?69
View 22 Aug 2018Is it a good strategy for PAP to field Li Hongyi for the next general election?76
View 22 Aug 2018What is a reasonable annual basic salary for the new CEO of SMRT?63
View 21 Aug 2018Will you use PayNow to pay your bills to businesses?45
View 21 Aug 2018Should the government set caps on legal fees?43
View 20 Aug 2018Will you support PAP or Opposition?53
View 20 Aug 2018What economic system do you prefer?45
View 20 Aug 2018Who do you prefer as your MP in Parliament?47
View 19 Aug 2018Why did Goh CT say that people who earn less than $500,000 are mediocre?52
View 19 Aug 2018What is your view of Goh CT after his "mediocre" statement?52
View 19 Aug 2018Should the government give a pension to people above 75 years old?46
View 18 Aug 2018What is the most harmful decision made by PM Lee HL?56
View 18 Aug 2018Is it worthwhile to spend $40 million to organize a National Day Parade?55
View 18 Aug 2018What is your impression of National Day Parade 201856
View 17 Aug 2018Should Singaporeans display the national flag to mark National Day51
View 17 Aug 2018Will abolishing GST help to reduce the cost of living?53
View 17 Aug 2018How is Singapore going downhill?52
View 16 Aug 2018Which parties are likely to form the coalition government58
View 16 Aug 2018Which parties will you vote for at the next general election59
View 16 Aug 2018Should Mindef keeps its current regulations on National Service deferment?53
View 16 Aug 2018Should the government provide public services?56
View 14 Aug 2018What are your views about the roaming charge of $10 per 1 MB by telcos?68
View 14 Aug 2018Do you use the mobile app provided by your telco?59
View 14 Aug 2018Why are most governments unable to deal with income inequality?56
View 12 Aug 2018Should Singapore have a policy to encourage immigration?70
View 12 Aug 2018What is your preferred population for Singapore in 2023?63
View 11 Aug 2018Should we appoint top scholars to senior positions in government?54
View 11 Aug 2018Should MPs be well educated professionals and business leaders?53
View 10 Aug 2018Is Singapore largely free of corruption?49
View 10 Aug 2018What is a good strategy to ensure that locals have jobs?45
View 09 Aug 2018Why is the government spending too much on infrastructure?49
View 09 Aug 2018Should the open tender system be used all the time?41
View 09 Aug 2018What is the best way to reduce the cost of living?46
View 07 Aug 2018What is the best outcome for the next general election?45
View 07 Aug 2018Will the coalition of political parties led by Dr. Tan Cheng Bock do well?43
View 07 Aug 2018What should voters look for at the next general election?38
View 07 Aug 2018Should Singapore abolish GST?42
View 04 Aug 2018Do you agree with the decision of SingHealth to remove the connection to the Internet?53
View 04 Aug 2018is trade tariff bad?45
View 04 Aug 2018Should Singapore introduce a minimum wage law?57
View 04 Aug 2018Which policy option do you prefer?56
View 03 Aug 2018Should the merger between Grab and Uber be allowed?71
View 03 Aug 2018Should the Singapore Medical Association be allowed to set guideline for charges by doctor73
View 03 Aug 2018Is the Competition Commission doing good work in Singapore?68
View 02 Aug 2018How can the Singapore Exchange increase its trading volume?70
View 02 Aug 2018What is the cause of the low trading volume in Singapore?65
View 02 Aug 2018What are your views about the Privacy and Data Protection Act (PDPA)?72
View 02 Aug 2018What is the reason for the low trading volume in the Singapore Exchange?56
View 01 Aug 2018Should the bus operator act to reduce bunching of buses77
View 01 Aug 2018Is it acceptable for a public transport journey to take up to four segments?81
View 01 Aug 2018Should the Singapore Exchange raise its qualifying criteria for a company to be listed?76
View 31 Jul 2018Should Singapore allow immigration?106
View 31 Jul 2018Is climate change a serious issue for the world?88
View 30 Jul 2018What are your views about the current NS reservist duty?103
View 29 Jul 2018Are you worried about the information stolen from SingHealth database?109
View 29 Jul 2018Are you prepared to have a non-PAP government within 10 years?107
View 28 Jul 2018What change is required for our National Service strategy?99
View 26 Jul 2018Are you concerned with the findings of the Auditor General on lapses in government agencie42
View 26 Jul 2018Do you expect President Trump to be re-elected in 2020?41
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