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Issues that have closed recently

View 16 Dec 2018Should Singapore increase defense spending?58
View 16 Dec 2018Is Malaysia being aggressive in encroaching on the territory of Singapore?55
View 15 Dec 2018Why did we have a dispute with Malaysia over water and air access?45
View 15 Dec 2018What is a good way to solve the dispute over the air and water access?52
View 14 Dec 2018Why do we have many food poisoning cases recently?58
View 14 Dec 2018Should MAS set control the commission rates paid on life insurance policies?51
View 13 Dec 2018What is the cause of the dispute over air and water space?57
View 13 Dec 2018Should Singapore agree earlier to pay a higher price for water from Malaysia?58
View 13 Dec 2018Did the Singapore govt handle relations with Malaysia well?59
View 12 Dec 2018What are your views about the Workers' Party?63
View 12 Dec 2018What are your views about the Singapore Democratic Party?63
View 11 Dec 2018Which of the following ministers do you like most?23
View 11 Dec 2018How would you describe the PAP govt?60
View 10 Dec 2018Should civil servants be given a bonus based on KPI?58
View 10 Dec 2018Which of these senior ministers do you respect most?41
View 09 Dec 2018Should Dr. Tan Cheng Bock set up a new party?74
View 09 Dec 2018What do you expect the vote share of the PAP at the next general election?79
View 09 Dec 2018Which of these ministers do you respect most?35
View 08 Dec 2018Are you confident about the new generation (4G) leaders?83
View 08 Dec 2018Is the smart city project making good progress76
View 08 Dec 2018Should MAS review the compensation of life insurance agents?68
View 08 Dec 2018Which of these 4G leaders do you respect most?45
View 03 Dec 2018Do we need a fake news law?54
View 03 Dec 2018Is Facebook a good tool for people to communicate.55
View 02 Dec 2018What are your views about Heng SK being the next prime minister?82
View 02 Dec 2018The Election Department is introducing mechanical counting of votes.78
View 30 Nov 2018Why are we building terminal 5 when our airspace is limited?49
View 30 Nov 2018Should employees be required to get a MC for sick leave?47
View 29 Nov 2018Who is responsible for the unsteady relations between Malaysia and Singapore?51
View 29 Nov 2018The police called up the editor of TOC for questioning.51
View 28 Nov 2018Who should be primarily responsible for the mess in the SE hawker centers?55
View 28 Nov 2018Should the new hawker centers be managed directly by NEA?55
View 27 Nov 2018Is outsourcing of public sector jobs good?61
View 27 Nov 2018Do large organizations provide a good call center service?61
View 26 Nov 2018Will Lee HL leave a good legacy if he encourages PAP to be split into two parties?67
View 26 Nov 2018Is it good to rely on a tender system?63
View 25 Nov 2018NEA will provide subsidy to stalls for cleaning and dishwashing cost 70
View 25 Nov 2018Is the new CEO of SMRT doing a good job so far?62
View 24 Nov 2018Should PM Lee sue the States Times Review?50
View 24 Nov 2018Do you like the progressive wage system advocated by the govt?43
View 23 Nov 2018Do you expect relations between Singapore and China to improve?50
View 23 Nov 2018Will the RCEP between Asean and six major countries have a good future?43
View 22 Nov 2018PM Lee calls on new PAP leaders to adopt centrist policies52
View 22 Nov 2018The ASEAN meetings in Singapore will improve our international profile.55
View 21 Nov 2018Will the relationship between Malaysia and Singapore improve after Dr M's visit?56
View 21 Nov 2018Why does PM Lee not started defamation action against State Times Review?58
View 20 Nov 2018Is it appropriate for PM Lee's wife to be involved in meetings with other govt leaders?62
View 20 Nov 2018What are your view about the new lineup in the PAP central executive committee? 60
View 19 Nov 2018How should the govt deal with the State Times Review website?53
View 19 Nov 2018Is market competition good for the economy?61
View 18 Nov 2018Is it good for PAP to split into two parties?63
View 18 Nov 2018Should we introduce an ombudsman system in Singapore?57
View 17 Nov 2018Will Goh Chok Tong's book sell well?59
View 17 Nov 2018Is it corrupt to entertain a town council GM to karaoke bars?66
View 16 Nov 2018What are your views about the US midterm election results.51
View 16 Nov 2018Should PM Lee sue the Coverage in Malaysia for defamation?61
View 15 Nov 2018What is a good way to deal with fake news?68
View 15 Nov 2018How can SGX increase its trading volume?63
View 14 Nov 2018Was Dr. Mahathir interfering in Singapore politics?71
View 14 Nov 2018Should we introduce airport like checks in MRT stations?82
View 13 Nov 2018Should the defense minister resign for the deaths of NSF during training.77
View 13 Nov 2018If Lee Hsien Yang stands for election in your constituency, will you vote for him?71
View 13 Nov 2018Which of the following persons do you prefer to be in Parliament?71
View 12 Nov 2018Was CorpPass implemented smoothly since 1 Sept 2018?52
View 12 Nov 2018The govt is looking for long term solutions against rising sea level.58
View 11 Nov 2018Will customers continue to use shared bikes after the price hikes?66
View 11 Nov 2018Why did the govt allow different systems for different MRT lines?65
View 10 Nov 2018Will the task force to help children of disadvantaged families have an impact?71
View 10 Nov 2018Will the Lion Air crash make you avoid budget airlines?69
View 09 Nov 2018Do we have helpful signs in buildings and roads?72
View 09 Nov 2018How can we reduce electricity price?66
View 08 Nov 2018Will the recent court case on Aljunied town council affect the Workers Party64
View 08 Nov 2018Is the recent hike in public transport fares justified?62
View 07 Nov 2018What is a good way to raise the wage of low income worker?61
View 07 Nov 2018Are Singaporeans naive about fake news?58
View 06 Nov 2018Is Changi Airport doing well?52
View 06 Nov 2018Should employers be required to give retrenchment benefits?54
View 05 Nov 2018Should Singapore build a third link to Johore?56
View 05 Nov 2018Prof Tommy Koh spoke on inequality.55
View 04 Nov 2018Should section 377A be repealled?52
View 04 Nov 2018Minister Chan CS ask to embrace excellence and shun selfish elitism.55
View 03 Nov 2018How was the Aljunied MPs able to raise $100,000 in 6 hours?59
View 03 Nov 2018Should large expenditures be submitted for approval by Parliament?59
View 02 Nov 2018Will you support the appeal to meet the legal expenses of the MPs from Aljunied?70
View 02 Nov 2018Is meritocracy practiced successfully in Singapore?69
View 01 Nov 2018Should the class size be reduced to 25 students?68
View 01 Nov 2018Should we change our bus system to the feeder and express buses?68
View 30 Oct 2018Should the govt provide an adequate allowance for each child?71
View 30 Oct 2018How much should be the allowance for each child?69
View 29 Oct 2018Which taxation system do you prefer?75
View 29 Oct 2018Do you like a high Singapore dollar?70
View 28 Oct 2018Has the NEA been negligent over the social enterprise hawker centers?76
View 28 Oct 2018Are free trade agreements good for Singapore?72
View 27 Oct 2018Are the social enterprise acting properly in running the new hawker centers?72
View 27 Oct 2018Should a COI look into the social enterprise running the hawker centers?68
View 26 Oct 2018Should elected MPs be made to run town councils?65
View 26 Oct 2018Do you support the development of Sentosa and Brani?62
View 25 Oct 2018Is the govt protecting the interest of workers?61
View 25 Oct 2018Is the govt protecting the interest of consumers?61
View 25 Oct 2018Did Temasek Holdings lose a lot of money on their investments?61
View 25 Oct 2018Is it acceptable for the PM's wife to head a sovereign wealth fund?63
View 23 Oct 2018Should Singaporeans contribute to charity?68
View 23 Oct 2018Should the govt provide a pension to elderly people?71
View 22 Oct 2018Is a HDB flat a good investment?66
View 22 Oct 2018Which education policy do you prefer?65
View 21 Oct 2018What are your views about the dispute over the Oxfam report?68
View 21 Oct 2018Is it correct to disallow Aljunied from using the town council software?72
View 20 Oct 2018Are you optimistic about the future of Singapore?59
View 20 Oct 2018Is Singapore still a safe country?62
View 19 Oct 2018Do you look forward to opening of the Jewel in Changi in 2019?60
View 19 Oct 2018So you agree with Singapore's ranking in the Oxfam study on inequality?57
View 18 Oct 2018Do you agree with the suspension of Access Medical Group from CHAS?59
View 18 Oct 2018Was Jolovan Wham and John Tan in contempt of court?59
View 18 Oct 2018Should Aljunied residents be denied of the use of the town council software?62
View 17 Oct 2018Do we have a positive culture in Singapore?66
View 17 Oct 2018Is Singapore acting effectively to combat climate change67
View 16 Oct 2018Should the govt provide free shuttle service within a town?65
View 16 Oct 2018Should public hospitals be allowed to take private patients?61
View 15 Oct 2018Will Anwar Ibrahim win Port Dickson by-election?54
View 15 Oct 2018The education minister is reducing exams to reduce stress.55
View 13 Oct 2018Singapore is introducing electronic arrival cards43
View 10 Oct 2018Are you familiar with the use of QR code?35
View 10 Oct 2018Will you help a new start up?34
View 10 Oct 2018Will you donate to the victims of natural disasters?35
View 09 Oct 2018Is it good to have competition in the electricity supply market?30
View 08 Oct 2018Is the PSLE exam a good feature of our education system?27
View 08 Oct 2018Is it good to place students in different express and normal streams?24
View 07 Oct 2018Should weak students pursue a degree in a private university?28
View 07 Oct 2018Should the bus have a digital display of the next stop27
View 06 Oct 2018Did the govt give good advice on investing in HDB flats?25
View 06 Oct 2018Is asset enhancement in HDB flats a good policy?23
View 05 Oct 2018Will people support the PAP because they are afraid of change?28
View 05 Oct 2018Is it good for NTUC Foodfare to buy over Kopitiam?23
View 04 Oct 2018Will a new government run Singapore well?31
View 04 Oct 2018Are our national reserves intact?33
View 02 Oct 2018Is there a risk of changing the government?42
View 02 Oct 2018Will fake news cause a lot of damage?43
View 02 Oct 2018Is it good to have the same government for many years?40
View 01 Oct 2018Which issue do you consider to be most important?47
View 01 Oct 2018Should the govt guarantee that every citizen has a job?43
View 01 Oct 2018What is the best way for the govt to deal with fake news?46
View 30 Sep 2018Should jobs be reserved for locals?46
View 30 Sep 2018Is Grab good the economy?39
View 29 Sep 2018Are we paying a fair price of $1,500 for each meter of covered walkway?53
View 29 Sep 2018Is it acceptable for the select committee to call Thum Ping Tjin a liar?50
View 28 Sep 2018What will happen to Najib Razak56
View 28 Sep 2018Will HIP2 and VERS help to preserve the value of HDB flats48
View 27 Sep 2018Will HDB expiry of 99 year lease affect votes at next general election?50
View 26 Sep 2018Should the NRIC No be used to identify a person?51
View 26 Sep 2018Is the annual F1 race good for Singapore?52
View 26 Sep 2018Is the PM all-in salary of $2.2 million transparent? 54
View 25 Sep 2018PM Lee's all-in salary is $2.2 million a year.56
View 25 Sep 2018Will Anwar Ibrahim work more closely with Singapore in two years time?51
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